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We strive to understand and utilize the best current design approaches that incorporate new thinking on; end-user research, problem framing, ergonomics, and sustainability. We implement emerging new technologies and how they might enable innovative new solutions in our design projects. 


Design Research

We implement user and market research to discover the pain points and opportunity areas to define our vision for the design projects. 

We create user stories based on research findings to generate design language and an appropriate CMF strategy. These compelling user stories are realised through sketching, UI/UX scenarios, conceptual CAD, and maquette models.

Industrial Design

We have a rigorous concept development process during which we refine and detail the concept stories our partners have selected to move forward with.

Our product team uses software tools to create multiple iterations of a design to refine form, function and CMF, and to develop photorealistic visualisations. 

Refined 2.png


Our engineers construct test rigs and functional prototypes to develop and perfect mechanisms and build in robustness through testing. The physical and digital teams work hand-in-hand to ensure physical and digital UX is robust and compelling.

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